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Hi! *waves* I'm Hannah. I'm eighteen years old and blogging to you from the Netherlands. I live the fangirl life and often get overwhelmed with Olicty feels. I make gifs, write fics, make vids, and do a lot of other stuff involving a little photoshop. Welcome to my crazy, stupid life. xoxo
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ARROW Season 3 Countdown 100 Olicity things I want

How Not To Get Dumped: Thea Queen Style

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Zap2it: What can you tease about the Season 3 premiere? 
Haynes: I can tease an Olicity date. I think Roy and Diggle are aware of the chemistry. They’re finally aware of it in the first episode. They’re like, ‘Huh?’

Colton Haynes talk Olicity in the s3 premier with Zap2it. Source

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Oliver’s adorable 'I'm really fucking confused what's wrong with my wifey' face

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Holiday Hiatus

Hello all my lovely followers!
First of all, wow! I have gained followers even when I wasn’t as active as I would have liked, but a lot has happened. I woul like to thank and welcome you all!

But, now the less happy part. I’m sure you’ve all heard about the mh17 plane crash in Ukraine. I know an awful amount of people who have lost loved-ones, so I have been dealing with that. It’s been hard, but I trust that we’ll get through this.

I also left on holiday yesterday, everything was so crazy that I didn’t even have time to post this. I will be back on the 10th of August. (approximately 3 weeks from now) My olicity wishlist queu (how do you spell that??) will keep going, and I will try to post as much as possible, reblogs only, I’m afraid.

I will also put the last chapter of Night Of The Hunter up as soon as I get the chance. The rest will, unfortunately, have to wait until I get back. (But that doesn’t mean that I won’t be writing!)
I hope you have a wonderful three weeks and I’ll ‘see’ you all when I get back!

Xoxo Hannah

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ARROW Season 3 Countdown 100 Olicity things I want
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ARROW Season 3 Countdown 100 Olicity things I want


Olicity Appreciation Week Day 5 + Olicity Challenge Season 2 

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I just shed a tear!

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Furious Dutch prime minister tells Putin to exert his influence.

In a short news conference, Rutte said he had just had a ‘very intense’ phone call with Russian president Vladimir Putin. ‘I told him “time is running out for you to show the world that you have good intentions, that you will take responsibility”,’ Rutte said.

Putin now ‘has to show that he will do what is expected of him and will exert his influence,’ the Dutch prime minister said.

'It is 35 degrees there. The bodies need to be recovered now. I want to see results, unhindered access and the repatriation of the victims.’


The phone conversation with Putin was ‘very personal’, the Dutch prime minister said.

‘I think the entire Dutch population knows people who directly or indirectly know someone who was on board. There were 80 people under the age of 18, of whom 23 were under the age of 12 and three were babies. It is too terrible for words.’

Images of rebels holding up children’s toys were ‘too disgusting for words’, Rutte said. Such action is also hindering the investigation into the crash, he said.


Earlier on Saturday, Dutch foreign minister Frans Timmermans met Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko in Kiev and told him the Netherlands was ‘angry, furious’ at the news that bodies were being dragged around the crash site,

Malaysia Airlines released the full passenger list on Saturday. The Dutch death toll is now put at 193, out of 298 people on board the plane.

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Yesterday, above Ukraine, in the sky (South region) appeared the cloud that look like the Airplane…I believe that all innocent passengers of MH17 are on the Heaven now. Rest in peace…